Sustainability Superheroes Episode 1

How to Create a Sustainability Strategy That Drives Results

What you will learn:
tick-circle-1 Where to start on the journey and how to develop a sustainability roadmap 
tick-circle-1 How to navigate the key barriers on the journey to sustainability 
tick-circle-1 How to think about offsets as part of your wider carbon strategy

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"If we don't either change the ways of working or offset it in some way, climate change is going to continue to accelerate.

We don't have a planet B, so it becomes difficult for humans to continue being on Earth. And that's why I think it's everybody's responsibility to look at it. Every business, big or small, needs to have a sustainability strategy.

Shashin Misra

Shashin Mishra AiDash


Vice President of EMEA



Shashin is a senior technology leader and an author. He has built transformational AI products across industry verticals and co-authored a book on how to build responsible AI. An IIT Kanpur alumnus, Shashin previously led data science practices for a global digital business transformation company and co-founded an IoT startup that performed real-time power distribution grid monitoring. He brings with him experience of enterprise product strategy, scaling teams, and delivering award-winning products.

steven-marlandSTEPHAN MARLAND
Director of Product Innovation and Strategy

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Stephen is a resilient and entrepreneurial leader with expertise in strategy and innovation delivery. Based in London, he has more than 20 years' experience at National Grid PLC. There, he specialized in business development, energy system analysis, and scenario planning across gas, power, and system operator utility functions. More recently, he was Director of Innovation at National Grid Partners, the venture capital and innovation arm of National Grid. He was also project lead for a land sustainability management concept developed with AiDash. Stephen is a Chartered Engineer with a BEng and PhD in Chemical Engineering, and an MBA from Warwick Business School (UK).