Sustainability Superheroes Episode 2

The competitive advantage of sustainability 

What you will learn:
tick-circle-1 The 5 steps on the sustainability maturity curve 
tick-circle-1 How to measure the competitive advantage of sustainability 
tick-circle-1 Strategies to set goals and get internal buy-in

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"I think this is the biggest opportunity of our generation.

Converting a global human civilization to sustainable energy, transportation, manufacturing is gonna come with, brand new innovations and lots of opportunity for companies that want to get in on helping to make that transition. So I think there's a mindset change that has to happen from, oh, sustainability is just this thing we have to donate to.

And, it's hard, but we've gotta do it. To oh my God, we better jump on this train before we end up missing this entire opportunity and maybe go the way of, Blockbuster or Kodak."

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Justin Bean Hitachi


Justin Bean HeadshotJustin Bean
Sustainability Strategy and Innovation Lead

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Justin leads sustainability strategy and innovation for Hitachi’s Environmental Business Division. He is also the author of  What Could Go Right, about envisioning and seizing the opportunity of a generation - the transition to a sustainable economy. Justin has helped create new markets and build new businesses within startups and Fortune 500s, as well as consulting early-stage startups to enhance strategy, marketing, and product initiatives for effectiveness and scale. Justin led global marketing for Hitachi Smart Spaces and Lumada Video Insights, and played a critical role in shaping, positioning, integrating, and scaling the business 10X over 5 years, while expanding the portfolio to include cities, transit, airports, manufacturing, retail and more.

steven-marlandSTEPHAN MARLAND
Director of Product Innovation and Strategy

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Stephen is a resilient and entrepreneurial leader with expertise in strategy and innovation delivery. Based in London, he has more than 20 years' experience at National Grid PLC. There, he specialized in business development, energy system analysis, and scenario planning across gas, power, and system operator utility functions. More recently, he was Director of Innovation at National Grid Partners, the venture capital and innovation arm of National Grid. He was also project lead for a land sustainability management concept developed with AiDash. Stephen is a Chartered Engineer with a BEng and PhD in Chemical Engineering, and an MBA from Warwick Business School (UK).