Sustainability Superheroes Episode 3

How to plan sustainable infrastructure

What you will learn:
tick-circle-1 The biggest changes and market drivers in sustainability
tick-circle-1 How to set realistic goals and targets despite rapid market evolution 
tick-circle-1 The innovations that are changing sustainable infrastructure for the better 

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"I absolutely think collaboration is key to delivering sustainability outcomes. I think the most successful we've been is when we build collaborative relationships with our clients, our supply chain, and we all work together toward a sustainable outcome. It all starts with collaborative relationships and the rest kind of falls into place."

ed godsiffe

Edward Godsiffe Milestone Infrastructure


ed godsiffeJustin Bean
Head of Sustainability 

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Edward leads sustainability for Milestone Infrastructure. With over 15 years experience Edward has deep expertise in the construction sector and working with government entities. Before Milestone Infrastructure, he spent nearly 8 years at Skanske, responsible for sustainability objectives across their infrastructure portfolio. Edward is particularly passionate about driving sustainable infrastructure forward, reducing the climate impact that the construction industry has, and delivering biodiversity improvements. 

steven-marlandStephen Marland
Director of Product Innovation and Strategy

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A resilient and entrepreneurial leader, Stephen Marland has strong expertise in strategy and innovation delivery. Based in London, he has over 20 years' experience at National Grid PLC, specializing in business development, energy system analysis, and scenario planning, spanning gas, power, and system operator utility functions.  More recently, he was Director of Innovation at National Grid Partners, the venture capital and innovation arm of National Grid, and project lead for a land sustainability management concept developed with AiDash. Stephen is a Chartered Engineer with a BEng and PhD in Chemical Engineering, and an MBA from Warwick Business School (UK).